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MCSC combines SAP expertise with strategic business consultancy, delivering customized solutions to enhance your HR and business processes. We transform challenges into opportunities, driving growth and operational efficiency.

What we do

Explore our dual expertise in SAP development and strategic business consultancy, tailored for your organizational success.

SAP Customization

Tailoring SAP solutions to fit your unique business needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Process Optimization

Analyzing and streamlining business processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

Strategic Business Development

Providing expert guidance and strategies to help your business grow, compete, and succeed in today’s dynamic market.

Workforce Management

Optimizing processes to better manage your workforce, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and retention.

Change Management

Supporting your organization through transitions, ensuring smooth implementation of new processes or systems with minimal disruption.

Training and Support

Offering comprehensive training and support services to ensure your team is fully equipped to leverage new SAP solutions and business strategies.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

A snapshot of our journey, highlighting the milestones and moments that define our dedication to excellence and client success.


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Why we are different

At MCSC, we stand out by being straightforward, unconventional, and swift in problem-solving. We value transparency and openness, ensuring expert, professional services. Our commitment to continuous learning keeps us ahead.

Our Skills

Unveiling our core competencies, we excel in areas crucial for driving business success and optimizing human capital management.

At MCSC, we excel in two distinct consultancy domains. Our SAP Development team, with over 15 years of expertise, innovatively transforms processes. Simultaneously, our Strategic Business Consultancy offers a decade of experience in delivering tailored growth strategies and optimizing operations. Across both areas, our commitment to Continuous Learning ensures we bring the most current and effective solutions to our clients, fostering success and innovation.

  • SAP Development – 95%
  • Strategic Business Consultancy – 85%
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation – 80%

We dedicate ourselves to delivering innovative SAP solutions and strategic business insights, ensuring every client’s journey towards success is smooth and transformative.

Join Our TEAM

MCSC is actively seeking passionate individuals to join our team of SAP Developers and Business Consultants. Bring your expertise and innovation to a place where your skills are valued and your professional growth is prioritized.

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